Entry #6

FM: Alpha released to the public

2018-02-18 13:14:45 by tlaero

FM: Alpha is a short story that was originally a patron perk.  It shows another side of what was happening in the food court scene in Finding Miranda and will be relevant in the upcoming Darkness Falls Episode 1 game.  Because FM:Alpha really isn't a game, and because it doesn't make a lot of sense if you haven't played Finding Miranda, I've decided not to put it on Newgrounds.  But the download is here if anyone would like to read it.  It's also available for free on my patreon page. 

In March we're going to release Episode 1 of "Coming to Grips with Christine" the sequel to the 7 year old "Getting to Know Christine."  It'll go to Patrons on March 1st and will come to Newgrounds two weeks later. 

Darkness Falls is a sequel to the "Elsa-verse" games that I've released here, though with different characters.  Episode 1 of it has a similar schedule, releasing to Patrons on April 1st and to Newgrounds two weeks after that.

I hope you like FM:Alpha and the new games,



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2018-02-20 03:52:56

I didn't like being in Charles's skin. I hope it won't ever happen again. I say that because I love your series and because I hate Charles, of course. He doesn't seem to be weak, but purely and simply evil, less intelligent than his father, but as corrupted as him.

It was nice seeing Sylvia.

I must say I would have loved a full series about Xara, but it is not to happen any day, I guess.

Keep on the good work